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  • Managing manpower in agriculture can be a challenging task, particularly when there are seasonal variations in the workload.
  • On a monthly basis, the farm manager can review the performance of each worker and provide feedback on their performance.
  • This may involve hiring additional workers or bringing in seasonal workers to help with specific tasks.

Our farmer resources will help you manage your farm plot and grow the right crops, in the right seasons so that you can harvest some of the rarest materials in the game. These farmers have skills like harvesting and cropping, seeding, cutting and grooming so make sure to hire them today!


inventory is more than just a collection of products; it's a lifeline for businesses. We provide a full suite of services to help you manage your inventory, including rent basis, paid services and new tools.

We have the tools, machines and equipment you need to get your farm going. We are your one-stop shop for all things agriculture.


Facilitating credit provision to farmers through a digital platform, investors or financial institutions can efficiently deploy their capital, while farmers gain access to the necessary funds for their farming activities. This approach reduces the bureaucratic hurdles and improves access to credit for farmers, ultimately supporting their agricultural operations and financial well-being.

  • Online Application Process: Farmers can access the digital platform and complete an online application to apply for credit. .
  • Investor/Financial Institution Partnership: The digital platform can establish partnerships with investors or financial institutions interested in providing credit to farmers..
  • Credit Evaluation: The digital platform can facilitate the evaluation process by verifying and validating the information provided by farmers. This can involve assessing creditworthiness factors such as past financial performance, collateral, and repayment capacity.

Farmer Selection: The farmers are presented with the loan offers on the digital platform. They can review and compare the terms of each offer before selecting the one that best suits their needs. This provides farmers with transparency and choice in selecting the credit that meets their requirements.


Trading platform that connects traders, dealers, and farmers can streamline the buying and selling process while facilitating collaboration and reducing intermediaries, thereby promoting greater efficiency, convenience, and transparency within the agricultural value chain.

A trading platform for traders, dealers, and farmers can help facilitate the buying and selling of crops between these parties. Here are some features that can be included in such a platform:

  • Profile Creation: The trading platform can allow traders, dealers, and farmers to create profiles with relevant information such as area of expertise, crops grown, and location.
  • Crop Listings: Farmers can list their available crops for sale, including details such as crop type, quantity, quality, and price. Traders and dealers can then browse these listings to identify potential crop purchases. .
  • Order Management: Traders and dealers can place orders for crops they are interested in purchasing from farmers. The platform can provide automated invoice generation and payment processes to create a smooth transaction and streamline the process. .


Pre-Booking of seeds, pesticides and other inputs is a useful tool for both farmers and suppliers. Farmers can benefit from the flexibility to plan their harvest, while suppliers are provided with certainty that they will be able to supply all relevant goods at the right time.

Pre-booking is a useful tool to streamline the purchasing process and ensure that the necessary inputs are available for a successful harvest.

Tech Store

Tech store can provide farmers with information, tools, and services that align with government programs and initiatives aimed at supporting and empowering farmers.

Here are some ways a farmer tech store can assist farmers in this regard

  • Government scheme awareness: The store can provide information and guidance on various government schemes and programs available to farmers..
  • Documentation and application support: The store can assist farmers in understanding the required documentation and application processes for government schemes..
  • Technology adoption: The store can offer various technologies and digital solutions that align with government initiatives.


Farmer Digital Platform

Digital Platform that facilitate the storing and processing of farm-related data providing. will be able to provide solutions to address a number of challenges such as labour shortages, waste reduction and supply chain management.

School Managment

School Management ERP allows the institute to access the complete data on a common platform where all the stakeholders can perform their designated tasks and operations such as admissions process, attendance, results, and other records.

ATS System

Moving a candidate through the journey from first contact to start date can be a high-touch process. An ATS creates greater visibility across the applicant lifecycle, so touchpoints don’t fall through the cracks.



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